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A network to connect with influencers, knowledge & the latest tools at INSANE prices.

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Are Entrepreneurs & Innovators a special TRIBE?

How many times have you been out of your comfort zone, alone with your vision and ideas; misunderstood by most?

We are the pioneers of a new concept in Social Network Engagement aiming to connect a community of unique individuals that share a distinctive mindset & purpose.

Bazaar10X is for the Doers & the Disruptors. Are you one of them?

A community that shares mindset & purpose

Can you learn to be an Innovator?

Can anyone learn how to build a company like Tesla, have Winston Churchill's vision or monetize ideas like Mark Cuban? We wouldn't go that far. Innovation starts with a mindset eager to change the status quo to find a better ways.

Bazaar10X aims to provide knowledge base and tools to help Entrepreneurs test, grow, train and learn how to become more successful Innovators.

Boost your knowledge, productivity & creativity

Being a Bazaar10X NOMAD

Learn from the best. We are currently expanding our knowledge base sponsorships. If you are a Mentor or Expert drop us a line!

A Social Network that understands Innovation Ecosystems. Universities, Incubators, Accelerators, & Investors TRIBES, welcome to sponsor.

A Community of Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs. TRIBES of Students, Founders or Investors with different needs but a common mindset.

Knowledge is Power

The Ecosystem

The Community

One single platform to hear and be heard. Curated content, exclusive TRIBES and custom feeds to gain relevant engagement every time.

Build & nurture connections to grow and execute anywhere in the world define your ideas anywhere.

Each TRIBE is suited to the purpose of each NOMAD. Choose you TRIBE everything you consume and send to be relevant to optimize engagement.

Join your TRIBE

Build your Influence

Nurture Relationships

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Do your have a disruptive idea? Bazaar10X can provide you the support you need to make it real.

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Take your Growth Hacking game to the next level with the right tools. Insane daily deals software. Gain competitive advantage with emerging providers bringing you solutions to accelerate your growth.

Suppliers can get feedback, awareness, Global exposure, user-base and funding from Bazaar10X. Products on early stage. Let us be your trampoline!

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We are listening all suggestions. Feel free to drop us a line with your ideas and expectations. Become a Bazaar10X contributor, it will pay off we promise.

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Can add value to our NOMADS?; We Want YOU. Either if you have a product/platform to run a PROMO or if you are an Expert/Mentor or an Event Promoter.

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